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Basic Cue Ball Control Fundamentals: Improve Cue Ball Management Skills!! (Paperback)

Basic Cue Ball Control Fundamentals: Improve Cue Ball Management Skills!! Cover Image
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This book provides a combination of fundamental information and hands-on exercises. There are two sections - knowledge and skills - from which you can start with your current level of competence, and from there, improve and develop your competitive abilities.

It's not necessary to work your way through all the articles or all the skills. Scan through the table of contents and focus in on what most attracts your attention. The topics you need/want to learn right now will actually jump off the page.

The Knowledge section provides functional intellectual information and guidelines. These help to understand how and why things happen. Even though you may already know some of the material, scan through the articles. There might be a useful tidbit here and there that can come in handy during a match.

The Skills section includes various drills and exercises to improve your cue ball control skills. The layouts show the solutions you want to consistently accomplish. These require a few testing shots - to figure out how to do it. Once you know how, the next step is to shoot it over and over until you own the shot. Basically, once learned, forever known. For your purposes: 4 consecutive successes is a good level.

If you prefer a PDF version of the book - check out the Billiards Gods blog.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781625052216
ISBN-10: 1625052219
Publisher: Billiard Gods Productions
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2015
Pages: 90
Language: English