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A Personal Welcome from the Owner

Alli Gilley - my Book Bin story
          The Book Bin opened in Northbrook before I was born.  In 1971, four dedicated women- wives and mothers first and foremost- became business owners and became a part of Northbrook history.  Within one year, three of them had to move on, following their fate as their husbands' employment sent them out of state.  One woman remained, but she didn't want to be in business alone.  She was joined by Janis Irvine, my eventual boss.  It is now 1972, and my mother has yet to have me for four more years in 1976.
          Flash-forward 16 years- on my sixteenth birthday- as most children would rush to get their driver's licenses, I rushed to the local bookstore to request a job.  I had been earning money as a babysitter since I was eleven; I felt very responsible already.  I wasn't a "big reader", as they say; I had more library fines than anyone in my family, but that was becuase of 1 lost Babysitter's Club book!  It just seemed like the place for me.  Something urged me to the store that day, and looking back, I can  honestly say it may have been my own fate.
          In September 2015, after 43 years of ownership, Janis sold the store to me and my family members.  This dedicated employee of 23 years, 2 months and 1 week became the owner of the Book Bin, opened and beloved for more years than I have been alive.  Under my watch, I hope generations to come will love being in a bookstore, an environment of discovery and a chance to hit the pause button on this moment, right now.  I live to spread kindness through books, and I hope you'll join me.