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Luck Doesn't Happen by Chance (Paperback)

Luck Doesn't Happen by Chance Cover Image
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Become luckier in gambling and everyday life.Astrology and Numerology are combined to find: * Lucky Numbers* Lucky Days of the Month* Lucky Hours of those DaysIT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU BELIEVE IN THESE ANCIENT SCIENCES OR NOT, THE RULES APPLY TO EVERYONE You can easily determine your lucky cycles. Find your yearly message. Discover characteristics and other facts related to your birth date, and learn why the fear number 13 is unfounded.

About the Author

Claire Doyle-Beland was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Cananda where she still resides close to her family. She has done some professional singing, especially during her younger years, and has also won some poetry awards. For over twenty-five years, she has studied astrology and numerology, and has found these sciences very enlightening and fascinating. She would be interested in hearing from anyone who experiences exceptional luck using their lucky numbers, lucky days or lucky periods.She would like to aknowledge that some of her information or ideas can be found in other source books. In particular: "Cheiro Book of Numbers" - by Cheiro, published by Prentice Hall Press - 1998; "Zolar's Book of Astrology, Dreams, Numbers and Lucky Days" by Zolar, published by Prentice Hall Press - 1990.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781886940055
ISBN-10: 1886940053
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 1999
Pages: 151
Language: English