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The Day of the Rope (Paperback)

The Day of the Rope Cover Image
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"The Day of the Rope" is a fictional tale about what can happen in a country that has rejected its heritage and descended into degeneracy and decadence. A handful of the inhabitants discover the true power behind the ruling class, and the methods they use to remain above the law. Feeling like strangers in the land of their forefathers, Ethan and Wayne navigate the ethical minefield of violent revolution as they try to reclaim their nation from those who have subverted it.

About the Author

Devon Stack is the voice behind the alternative media website and the Black Pilled YouTube channel. After working in the film industry and in political circles for years, and watching the massive propaganda machine up close, Devon Stack decided to use his unique talents and insight to combat globalists and help preserve Western Civilization.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781727381276
ISBN-10: 1727381270
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 14th, 2018
Pages: 138
Language: English