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Advanced Cue Ball Control Self-Testing Program: Break-through reality checks for dedicated players (Paperback)

Advanced Cue Ball Control Self-Testing Program: Break-through reality checks for dedicated players Cover Image
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After I wrote the popular Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets book, a number of friends (serious players each and every one) contacted me about doing an advanced version - starting with tougher shots. These are players who are not interested in the majority of pool books and videos. For beginners and intermediate players, there are a lot of excellent instructional books and videos available. But, they were past that.

For advanced players ("A" rated and above), there isn't much material worth studying. My friends really wanted something that was a significant challenge to their shooting and playing skills. This is that book. All layouts went through a testing period. At first, the successful cue ball speed and spin was going to be provided. This was voted down - the consensus was, any solid shooter should be able to figure out how to play the shot and successfully shoot it.

Warning - there are some near impossible setups. At least three of them were so tough that only two of the testing shooters could consistently make both balls.

So this is the challenge to all pool players - if you think you are an "A" or better player - you need to get this book and shoot these shots. You will need excellent pocketing skills with strong cue ball positioning abilities.

For those shooters who are striving to reach that level of the game, this book is very useful. These layouts can help confirm that your skills are improving. Every couple of weeks, setup and shoot some of these shots. In between these scheduled self-testing periods, use the Cue Ball Control Cheat Sheets book to improve your cue ball management self-confidence. You will see recognizable improvements.

Study this material in two steps. In the comfort of your favorite easy-chair, review each table layout and thoughtfully consider your options. How would you play the shot? What would be the minimum speed and spin to make the shot work? Are there multiple ways to make the shot work? In the printed book, use a pencil to draw your patterns. On an eReader, use the "notes" feature to enter your ideas.

This book will help you get past the "fooling around" stage of your playing career and help you get serious about becoming a competitive player.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781625050076
ISBN-10: 1625050070
Publisher: Billiard Gods Productions
Publication Date: November 1st, 2012
Pages: 130
Language: English