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Racquetball: Steps to Success (Paperback)

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Master the shots and strategies to control center court and win points. Racquetball: Steps to Success features expert instruction, clear photographs, 3-D court diagrams, more than 80 drills, and a proven system for improving your game.

Stroke mechanics for the forehand and backhand and more than 35 shots, including serves, serve returns, and front-wall, side-wall, ceiling, and back-wall shots, are covered and illustrated.

Learn when finesse trumps power, why a risky kill shot may be a better choice than a high-percentage ceiling shot, and what shots will move you into--and your opponent out of--the critical center court position.

As part of the popular Steps to Success Sports Series, with more than 1.5 million copies sold, Racquetball: Steps to Success covers it all to give you the tools to rule the court

About the Author

Dennis Fisher is head coach of the Brigham Young University racquetball team, which has won four combined-team and eight women's-team national collegiate championships during his tenure. He is a certified level II coach through the American Professional Racquetball Organization (AmPRO) / International Professional Racquetball Organization (IPRO), an AmPRO / IPRO professional instructor, a United States Racquet Stringers Association racquet technician, and a Wilson racquet technician. In 1999, the U.S. Racquetball Association (USAR) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) named Fisher Developmental Coach of the Year; and in 2006, Volunteer Coach of the Year for Racquetball. He is a member of Wilson's Racquetball Advisory Staff and past chairman of the USRA Intercollegiate Council. Fisher also has a company that specializes in coaching, training, and instructing racquetball at all levels. He has played racquetball for almost 40 years, competing at the Open level nationally and internationally. In his spare time, Fisher likes to cycle, fly fish, snow ski, snowboard, and guide canyoneering trips.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780736069397
ISBN-10: 0736069399
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Publication Date: October 15th, 2007
Pages: 177
Language: English